Back on track!


More than 3 months have passed since the last post on this site! My old PC refused cooperating when importing the photos which eventually made me to step up a level and buy a MacBook Pro. So now I can present a gallery of photos taken last days in our house Alegria!


Step-by-step the house has been changing from a building site to a home with curtains, wardrobes, soft furniture and even TV sets. The process of designing and furnishing the interiors is really enjoyable but the decorating has to take its time. Until the right pieces of furniture, paintings and decorations will cross our roads at some point and find their places in our home, we use what we have. Pieces of garden furniture work fine as coffee tables, dining chairs etc. From start I have had two “special projects” in my mind that I have run from idea to reality through the whole building process. I am proud and happy that my visions came to life and are giving the house this special touch I thought they would. I am grateful to our builders and the carpenter for being so helpful…

The first project that came to my mind when the windows were still empty holes, was the “framed panorama” project. The views from the two huge windows over the valley and the coastline is stunning and look like two big paintings in our living room so I felt these should be framed! Our carpenter Francesco built the frames exactly as I wished and the wide window sills were covered with the same solid stone as the stairs by the tough stone guys from Benidorm Marmoles. To highlight the “paintings” even more we installed Philips Hue light strings around the frames that allows to choose a light in any desirable color.



The other big project was the staircase leading to master bedroom and the roof terrace. The stairs were planned in the Spanish way, steep and narrow and we could not do much to change this. However, instead of building walls around the stairs we left everything open, installed spotlights in the floor and that maked a big difference… The steps are covered with natural stone (Lungomare) in a way that the pattern continues from step to step. Again, fantastic work by the Marmoles guys! The banisters are crafted by the same company who made the balcony rails, windows and all other metal work in our house. I chose the iron bars myself among the dusty samples in the workshop. The hall project is still not completely finished but at this stage I am really satisfied with the outcome!



During autumn months we had our closest relatives and friends visiting us. My mom stayed 6 weeks in October and November, enjoying both the warm weather and sandy beaches of Mediterranean as well as the cooler November with all nice walks. My siblings visited as well as Pers family. Pers mother is in wheelchair now and we all have to adopt to a new reality, to new everyday routines. While building the house we have tried to make is as handicap friendly as possible – which has been challenging as the house is built on a mountain slope.


New big projects are just about to begin! The preparations for the garden works are already started and part of the plants are already delivered and waiting for planting! I will follow this project with my camera and hope to post some nice garden views soon! Happy Valentine!


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