The housewarming party – preparations


Weeks and even months have passed since the big housewarming party of Alegria, our Spanish house. The date was set on June 1st, invitations were given to all our local friends, family, builders and gardeners with families, neighbors, designers, bankers, legal contacts, main suppliers – everybody who had helped us in the building process and settling down in Spain. Totally we expected ca 85 + guests.                                                   The period before and after the party were hectic – hence no time nor mood for blogging. Especially I remember the feeling of a slight panic the last days before the big day… Our invited guests from Sweden, Finland and Estonia started to arrive while the builders, pool guys and gardeners were working overtime to get everything ready with the plants, garden and poolside. The pool terrace still looked like a big mess just couple of days before the party and even if everything was happening quickly we were kind of nervous…. A lot of things needed to be organized, for example seating. So my brother-in-law constructed smart sofas using pallets and floor boards and when ready and cleaned these became trendy and funky furniture. Luckily our daughter has made a brilliant choice of boyfriend who also is a brilliant chef so we got a great help as they took care of the dinners for our early guests. We had a great team with lots of experience of arranging dinners. We had our nice planning evenings on the sunset terrace (the photo above). For the party itself we engaged a British chef, Dani Bowler who took care of all the preparations and cooking, occupying our kitchen from the day before. So in spite of the ongoing works around the pool we were quite confident that everything would be as close to perfection as possible.


The guys from Charlesworth Gardens did an amazing job transforming even the most unwelcoming corners of the garden to beautiful spots to relax your eyes on. I’m very happy for the new vegetable garden in what used to be a useless sloping corner of our garden. Lee and his guys built terraces there with stairs and a nice path leading down to a fig tree that when growing bigger is going to give some shade for the parking area. In this garden I want to grow herbs, tomatoes and strawberries in the big plant beds. And the young fig tree already gave us some huge sized velvety and really tasty fruit!


Before all the plants could be planted to their final spots we needed to get rid of a huge pile of local limestone saved from the old outer wall that had to be taken down. We decided to use it for more stairs leading to the different levels in the garden. A sunburned senior stonemason came to finish off the work with the natural stone – something he has most probably been doing his whole life. It was fascinating to follow him carving the blocks and fitting them perfectly on their places.                                      One day he came with a box of local fruit, nispero, from his garden. This juicy fruit, mainly used for marmalade, is very common in this region but unknown for most of people from outside.


Our builders worked hard with tiling around the pool on before the pool could be filled with water. The back wall was built and decorated with natural stones – the finishing lasted until the day before the party. The pool company worked hard until the day before the party to get the waterfalls, lights, heating and cleaning system working.


Finally everything was cleaned and our early guests jumped in the pool to test it! I didn’t have time to try myself but I didn’t hear any complaints at all! I would have my time to relax after the party – that was what I thought…

_DSC0370 (1)

Now I will post this but I keep writing och downloading the photos from the party! I promise it will not take another three months 😀

See you soon!

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