Settling down

The day before yesterday we “checked out” from Magnus and Lindas fancy and comfy house just 200 meters from our house – thank you for hospitality!! – and moved in to a cosy spanish house that we are renting during the building process.

Carrying in our stuff we got a little panic as the house felt ice cold even though it was sunny and warm outside.  We all have heard about the poorly isolated mediterranian houses where you have to wear wool socks and warm clothes indoors during the cool season. As we were expecting our friends, who are sharing the house with us, arriving later the same evening, we rushed to the Spanish version of Jysk to buy lot of warm cosy blankets, pillows, candles, slippers and rugs. The terracotta floors were icing cold. The last thing you expect when coming to Spain is to freeze…


Luckily the situation could be solved the day after when the landlady sent technicians to adjust the radiators and fix all other small issues in the house. The house is warm now and really cosy, even if the beds are of slightly different dimension (135 x 190 cm) than at home (180 x 220). As we can see our house from almost every window here we can keep an eye on the building process from the pool 🙂


It is very easy to adapt to the daily routines here in Albir. Normally we start the day with morning walk to Albir lighthouse. It is a 6,5 km walk from here and back via nice streets then along a nice pathway high over the sea thru the pine forest on the mountain slope. On the way we pass our house and check the current building status. The days we feel for more challenge we climb up to the top of the mountain where you can see the lighthouse as a tiny dollhouse.


On monday we are going to have a building meeting to make more detailed plans and get started. As a great relief for our new neighbours the noisy work with the driveway is now almost ready – the chopping sound has woken them early in the mornings…



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