Searching for railings

IMG_4469 (2)It was a stunningly beautiful day today – the first cloudy day here in 3 weeks. After a visit at BigMat where one can find all kind of building material I took a long nice walk in the old town of Altea to get some ideas and inspiration. Altea is a cosy small town with lot of narrow streets with inviting shops and restaurants as well as beautiful views over the neighbourhood from the ancient part of the town, located on a hilltop.


Our house has a unique look as it is formed after the curve of the street. The architect designed and the estate agent advertised it as a modern house with balcony railings of glass but for me the house feels more like a functional villa of thirties. We want to give our house a much softer, more classical, look. However the challenge seems to be finding the balcony railings that will match the house and make it look ageless. As the house has large terraces, it is obvious that depending on the choice of the railings the outcome would be very different…

Followingly, the last days I have been mostly looking upwards when walking on the streets, risking bumping into fellow pedestrians, trees and poles. Here I post some (balcony rail) photos from Altea 🙂


Tomorrow will be a day off in searching for material, equipment and fittings for the house as most of the shops are closed on Sundays. Instead one can visit the Sunday market in Albir that offers a wide range of products, many of them local.



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